So this is what it is… (The feel good poem!!!)


Never again will you see this smile,
Never again will the same sun rise,
Never again the trees will dance this way,
Never again will they swing and sway,
So know, that this is all you have,
That this is all you need,
And life is never ever gonna feel this way again,
So this is what it is….

Never again will you be this young,
Never again will you have the same fun,
Never again will you take this road,
Never again will you be all so bored,

And know,
That what you have today,
Might be all you have at all,
And know,
That these moments don’t last long,
That soon they’ll all be gone,
So this is what it is…

And the clock keeps ticking,
And time keeps flowing, every summer , every fall,
The memories we’re making,
The chances we’re taking,
Won’t matter in the end at all….

So all we need is to dance,
our hearts out to the tune life plays,
and thank every moment, no matter what it brings,
no matter who leaves, who stays,
and just keep singin’ the song,
that this is what it is…



Just that one person…

Moments, one by one, memories, in a chain, coming and leaving her mind, she just sat there still.
It was dark, the air was chilly. She looked up at the skies, a little moon shone from behind the clouds.
Stars were hazy, she felt like laying down and sleep beneath the skies, forever.

It was one of those moments, when everything that happened in your life, good and bad, happy and sad, beautiful and terrible, keeps flashing in your minds, like a whole song of memories in your ears.
And all you can do, is relive all those moments, smile and shed some tears, and know, that it is all gone.
Nothing is coming back, ever.

She knew that too, just that today, she could not help being shaken by these little, painful memories.
All the time that flew out of her hands, all that she lost, friends and family, the chilhood laughter,
the days of freedom, the people she won’t be able to see anymore.

And this sudden feeling overtook her entire self, that she was so alone.
Alone in this place, in this world, so vulnerable, so weak.

Everybody and everything will have to leave her someday, all will be lost.

Just when she was about to give up, just when sadness had almost taken over her, she heard him walking towards her.

He walked upto her, and sat by her side, staring right through her tearful eyes, into a place much deeper than her physical self.
He moved close to her, put his arm around her, and pulled her head onto his shoulder, placing his palm over her ear.
He leaned back on the bench, relaxed his neck, and closed his eyes, breathing deeply.

She breathed with him, and shut her eyes, shutting off all the thoughts that were haunting her.

Suddenly peace took over, a strange security, a promise without words, an understanding beyond them.

You came this world alone, and you will leave all alone, but maybe, you need just that one person, who can stand by you, and hold your hand, making this long, rough journey a little easier. She knew he wouldn’t be there forever, someday he will be gone too, maybe she will have to leave him, but until then, he had promised to be her blanket, in the chilling cold life, to understand what she needs without her saying, to stand by her, and put her before himself.

Maybe you need just that one person, to hold you up, to be your wall, to walk with you, to listen to something that you never say, to speak to you without words. Maybe you need just that one person…


Half, full and empty…


I woke up late this morning, couldn’t have my morning tea, had to iron my clothes because I didn’t do it yesterday, couldn’t call mom, found my favorite watch broken, took 10 minutes to find a cab, had a fight with the driver, and was entering my office an hour later than I should have.

Add 5 more minutes and an embarrassment. I slipped.

Every possible cursing was populating the roads of my mind like the traffic I had found on my way to office.

I was cursing the city, cursing its people, cursing the fact that I was here, my office, my landlord, my  profession, uncles and aunties,  cursing every single person who crossed my mind, or my way.

An hour later in the office, I had cooled down, had a cup of coffee in my hands, life was a little better than this morning, I realized, there was something missing.

After a few seconds of brainstorming, I jumped towards my handbag, violently searching every possible corner of that poor little thing. I had dropped off my bunch of keys. It had the only key to my apartment.

I rushed towards the entrance of my office, to the place where I had slipped this morning. After hunting the place for a while, I found them. Relief.

Just when I was about to turn back, my eyes fell on an old, weak man who sat by the corner of the street. He was a beggar, and could barely see or speak.

Actually, it was not him that caught my mind, (we see a lot of them in India), it was the fact that I didn’t see him this morning. I asked a friend of mine, if he was there this morning, and to my surprise he said, “He is here every day”.

And then there was this sudden realization (like I keep having all the time), that we are so selfishly occupied with ourselves.

We see only what is wrong; we see only what is missing.

We are so occupied with the issues in our lives that we fail to understand that there are people having problems worse than we can imagine.

We have a habit of only looking at the grass on the other side ( which is greener you know), and not on the side which has only deserts.

 Agreed, we should always seek to have better lives, but we should never forget what we already have is so much more than what so many others have.

There are people filthy rich, and there are people terrifyingly poor. They struggle to be alive, to eat “anything” that they can find.

For your greed, everything in life will never be enough, but for your happiness, anything is more than enough.

Let’s for a moment, sit silent and clear our minds, look at everything that we have, appreciate it, thank existence for giving it to us, and smile.

 Smile despite every problem that we have, because so many other souls still don’t even have the resources to even read this, not enough to eat, not enough to live.

Make a note, if there is a glass half full, there is one completely full, and also there is one totally empty.

 P.S: I really need another handbag, damn I wish I had more money 😛


Cheers to aimless living!!!


So this time, I am not going to start with a story.

This time, it is going to be a situation that I faced a few days ago.
So, I am attending this training session at work, and the facilitator
is talking about dreams and goals.
I was listening without resistance, and was almost about to doze off,
when she asked the entire batch a question.
“What are your dreams? What is it that you aim in life?”
The question was to be answered by each one of us and believe me, in
all the time that it took for my turn to come; my mind had clearly
told me it doesn’t want to answer this question.

I somehow managed to mumble some words and got over the situation, but
this incident left a thousand bells ringing inside me.

Like, what the hell.

My life has no aim? I don’t have a dream?

Oh my god, I am so lost.

Its like I kick a football but I don’t know where the goal is.

Or like boarding a train and not knowing where I want to go.

Maybe there is something wrong with me. Maybe I need a doctor.

Maybe I am useless.

With all these thoughts wandering around in my head, I kept staring at
the ceiling of my room.
At the ceiling fan actually, which kept going round and round.
And you won’t believe, that fan, that old, dirty, dusty piece of metal
showed me the light.

The fan, like me had no aim. It kept going round and round, and was
still an object of importance. (High importance to be precise.)

And so I gathered that there was nothing wrong with aimless living. It
simply meant I wasn’t ignoring the things around me to look at
something far away from me.

I like living it here and now, and I like the uncertainty.
The real thing is, we all don’t know what is going to happen. Even if
we aim, we want certain things to happen, we cannot rest assured they
will happen.

“ I may die the very next moment. These maybe my last words.”

This realization is one very important realization.

You don’t know what happens. So why aim and expect?

I don’t say we shouldn’t desire. It is good to desire. Perfectly okay.

But to attach to that desire is something that might harm us. You
never know with life.
So why not live ‘here’, and love ‘here’.

Enjoy this here and now.

Make your aims dynamic.

Like I do, I don’t know what I want in 5 years to come.
But I surely know I need a cup of coffee, my earphones, and my favorite playlist for the coming hour.

So, lets relax in our today and make the most of our present.
Aims and goals can wait.

So cheers to this beautiful life and cheers to aimless living!!!

P.S: If you have any suggestions on what i could do in 5 years, please let me know 😛

The Two Roads…

I was once visiting a children’s park with a cousin of mine. She played around with her friends while I was sitting on a bench near the swings. Just then, two little boys, who appeared like twins came rushing towards the swings. However, they realized the swing was broken and halted at a distance.

One of them was sure this swing was not to be taken, while the other seemed keen on giving it a try. Despite oppositions from his brother, he climbed on it, saying he will get down if he is about to fall. He took the swing and speeded it, and in a few minutes, he was on the ground with a broken tooth and bleeding elbows.
And in a while his parents had already taken him to the doctor and I and my cousin were back home. But this little incident, in all its simplicity was a lesson in itself.

There are always two types of people in this world, and you can make that out since their childhood. When you tell a child that fire has to be avoided, since it will burn you, the child will either stay away, following your word, or will once go and get burned and then stay away from it for the rest of his life.

This signifies the basic two approaches that we have towards life. Some people sit and watch and learn while others move out, try and fall, and then learn.

There are always astronomers and astrologers.

There is no right way; no debate can be done on these ways of life. But yes, these two will forever remain in a conflict.

And here, I am not talking about adventures sports or circus. I am talking about the little things in life. Decisions and actions that we take, regarding our careers, families and relationships.

Some say that they have seen, they know what can go wrong, so they will not step in.

While others will say, let’s give it a shot, what can possibly go wrong?

There are always two roads to take. One rough, but beautiful and the other smooth, but boring.

Both ways, you miss something and gain something.

As long as you don’t try, you never know what it feels like. The intensity, the rush, the excitement of a risk, is such an experience that makes you live the entire life in a few moments.
But, risk is always a risk. You never know when you jump the cliff that if you are going to fly high, or fall so bad that you cripple yourself for a lifetime.

So see what you choose, see where you belong. If you’re scared of catching a cold, you sit in the window and look at the rain. But if you believe that you can stay in bed for three days and drink cough syrups, just to dance in this rain, to enjoy it, to soak wet and endure a cup of coffee afterwards, you should step out right away.

See what you are missing, and also see what you can lose, and I believe the best way would be having a balance between the both.

Take a step out sometimes, and sometimes hide in your closet.

Dance a little, laugh a little, cry a little, but live full.

Just be a someone who does not regret, who has the courage to accept what he did, what he is doing and whatever he will do.

And don’t let any of these two roads stop you from taking your journey. Travel on both, or travel on one, but never stop. Walk, and keep walking, since life will never wait for you.

Like the hope of a shore….

Misty, hazy all around,
Heavy little feet on the ground,

I see nothing, inside and out
i feel nothing, no dreams, no doubts.

I have come a long way now,
there are bruises, cuts and wounds,

They still bleed,but I sense no pain,
all the effort, all the haste in vain.

No laughter, no cries, i hear no voice,
not a word said, not a little noise.

All the rush is gone, the fire has died,
The ashes remain, they shine with pride.

I don’t know where I am going, it matters no more,
A little hope still remains, in this ocean so vast, like the hope of a shore.

Lovers on the run….

A few days ago, I met a man on the train. He was a really interesting guy and we ended up having a long, funny conversation. And like most of young India’s conversations, the most that we talked about were relationships (most talked because most suffered from). This guy happened to be in a number of relationships, and never happened to take any of them too seriously. However, he seemed to have a very good understanding of a variety of people.

So I asked him what the shortest affair he ever had was. And to my surprise, it turned out that 4 hours could also be the entire life span of a relation.

So he told me this story, where he met a really pretty girl in one of his classes, and they got talking on the phone. And after one whole day of endless, useless talks, both of them confessed that they found something special in each other. This confession led to a movie plan, which was thoroughly enjoyed by both of them, in every sense. (If you know what I mean 😉 ).

However, after the movie, they picked up a little fight on deciding where they should be going next. After a lengthy, futile argument, they concluded, it wasn’t meant to be. He told me the girl actually told him that she doesn’t see in him a good partner, and he won’t fit in an ideal husband’s definition either.
To add the cherry on the top, he wasn’t qualified to be a good father to her kids as well. ( She went to the moon and back) .

Even though I enjoyed the talk, and we laughed a lot, my attention was caught by a certain aspect of the story. The Hurry.

On further thinking, I gathered what seems to me like an epidemic that has infected most of the young Indians. It could be called, the RUSH-O-PHRENIA. The tendency to rush through just about everything.

What I see around me today is that we, even though being the most tale tented and intelligent bunch of people, miss such petty details of our lives. The generation today needs to slow down.

I see men and women hurrying into relationships, running through them so fast, that they can’t even enjoy the journey, jumping onto conclusions that are totally baseless, and hurrying out of them, like it was all some kind of a marathon.They keep missing the bond, an understanding, all of which takes a lot of time.

I don’t know what happens. They get attracted, they don’t want to live it, and they want a relationship. As soon as they are in it, they want commitments (they’ll start thinking about the names of their kids). They are committed; they’ll start possessing, and then doubting. Then there comes misunderstandings, tantrums, a little salt to taste, and you’re over. (We were not meant to be together; I don’t think its working anymore etc etc).

I mean what? What are you thinking? You need to slow down.

I think we should be really open minded and patient about it. Let it take its own course. Live and enjoy every phase of it, no matter how long it takes. If it works out good, hold on to it, until you can, otherwise, shake hands and say goodbyes. No need of any quarrels, bitching, bitterness and guilt.

Love is such a delicate flower. It blooms really slowly, but it blooms really beautiful. Its fragrance can drown you deep, its glory is incomparable. But if you try to open it with your hands, if you try to hurry up with it, it simply withers away. It is gone before you know it. You got to be soft to it.

We have to let go of the restlessness we carry within ourselves, like we are in a race or something. We need to wait until we actually feel the peaks and valleys of love, until we know what it really is all about.
Love is never about what we say, what we do, it’s always what we feel, what can never be said in words, just in the silence between the words.

So let’s walk slowly, feel the uncertainty, feel trust, feel ecstasy, and be lovers for real.
Let’s be lovers that walk together, and not lovers on the run.

P.S: I don’t think it’s working anymore. Let’s just break up. 😛 😛

photo credit: 100 meters [_running track with four lanes_] via photopin (license)


What more gifts do you want from life?
When the morning sun wakes you with a smile,
When the evenings reveal the mysterious moon,
And when the starry nights sing you lullabies?

Q. Do you wake up to find that this is another boring day of your life? Do you find yourself frowning in the mirror when you brush your teeth? Do you feel like hitting anyone who wishes you a good morning?

Congratulations!! You have just been admitted to the “Frowning people’s society” which now has more than a million members.

So my dear society members, my question is, WHY? Why are you so discontent with everything around you? Why can’t you welcome every new day with the feeling that at least you are given another day in this very short life?

It is shocking to see that people, living in the most comfortable of environments, have a very useless habit of frowning and complaining. There is discontent everywhere, nobody is satisfied, be it with their work, education, relationships, family, living conditions, society, system, anything and everything!!!

Everybody has complaints, and people have started living a life of complaints. Endless desires keep whirling around in people’s minds, and desires of what? Of bringing better results? Of making more money? Of an ideal lover? Of buying a new stupid cell phone!!!???

The man today has failed to realize that there is more to life than these petty wishes and that life simply does not care about our needs and plans, it takes its own course.

Life can be understood as a river, it simple goes on flowing.
If you are a tiny little pebble, you shall flow along, but if you become a hard rock, trying to fight the flow of water, it will take other way around; it won’t stop because of you. Moreover, no matter how strong your plans for the future are, you can never rest assured of even if you will be alive the next moment or not.

And when you can’t change the very next moment, why so worried about the future? “Why so serious? “Instead of grumbling about every wish that didn’t come true, stop desiring for this and that and start accepting everything that comes your way. Good or bad, hard or easy, joy or sorrow, everything is a phase, and everything passes, so don’t stick to anything, let it go.
Stop fighting life, give up, relax, take a deep breath, dance and sing a little, celebrate life and then one thing is for sure, you can tackle life’s problems in a far more efficient way.

And always remember, you can change nothing by complaining, neither by smiling.
So why make this face that nobody wants to look at? Smile, not for anyone else, but for yourself. All that has to happen, will keep happening, just let yourself go with it.

Seriousness is sickness. It is a disorder. Drop it, get rid of this disease. Laugh, sing and dance, make a fool of yourself, but please, get well soon!!!

Happy No-Guilt New Year!!!

First and foremost, a very happy new year to you guys!! Have a blissful and terrific year ahead!!! 🙂

So, everybody is wishing everybody a happy new year, some people have still not recovered from the hangover their new year party gave them, while some are even back to work.

For some people New Year is a time to party, drink, dance and enjoy, while some like to keep it sober and quiet. But there is something common to almost all people who celebrate the onset of the New Year.


Yes, resolutions. Something that we promise to ourselves in the beginning of a new year. This could be just about anything, like “I will work out this year and get fit, I will work more, study harder, pray regularly, be more loving and kind, climb the mount Everest, swim the Atlantic sea? (no, not the last two!!)”.

But resolutions are really an essential part of New Year. And I, personally, think resolutions are really silly things to do. Not because they are difficult to fulfill or stupid in intention, but because we don’t really need resolutions.

I believe, if a person really wants to change, he can do so in the moment. The moment you really feel you need to do something, you do it. You do not need New Year’s Eve for that.

New Year, if seen with the practical eye, is nothing but a change of dates. Wishing a happy new year is almost like wishing congratulations, you can do the ‘4’ a ‘5’ now. But since, we have so many events and changes around this simple change of dates, we have made it a reason to celebrate.

And I think that is a good idea. New Year should be celebrated; any reason to be happy and to dance should never be avoided. (Yes, i love dancing!!!)

But the problem is, every new year, we look back, and realize that there were so many promises we didn’t keep, to others and to ourselves. And then we think, this coming year, I am going to make up for it. And then we don’t. And the same story keeps repeating itself.

Man is meant to stay in the moment. Today, I make a promise because I feel like it. Tomorrow, maybe I won’t. I am not meant to be in a constant phase. This does not mean I should not think about the future, but I should also not make my future a huge rock on the top of my head.

Every New Year, we have regrets of things we didn’t do, guilt of promises we didn’t keep, and then resolutions that we won’t be doing any good to.

So why do this to ourselves?

Try this, dump your resolutions this year, and simply plan a bright and happy future. And let go off the past year like it never existed. Now, you can actually have a good start for your new year.

Go on, forgive the past, forget about the future, and have guilt-free New Year!!!!

No one loves plastic…

“So many souls in the world, a face for every soul.
So many faces in the world, a mask for every face.
So many masks in the world, the real soul, lost somewhere”.

The pretty girl in blue walks down the street, like she owns this world. She knows people are watching her, their eyes scanning her from head to toe. But she’s not uncomfortable, she likes the attention. Her big brown eyes roll from left to right and yet again, her lips stretch into a tiny arrogant smile.
In the restaurant, she sits opposite her so called partner, the present one in fact, all her mind away from their conversation. Every other minute she glances at the others, to see who’s watching, to see who’s worth watching. Women, envying her, men exploring. Her hand still holding the hand of the someone, all her attention into searching the next Mr. someone. She still smiles at him, a smile carved into pure plastic, and a plastic smiles back.
Back home, she becomes the ideal little girl. Helping mommy in the kitchen, talking to her dad like his innocent daughter, who knows nothing about the world. To her siblings she is a good old sister, a friend and a guide. With her friends she is a different woman, not really a friend in need, but a slightly different breed. Together, together until it’s fulfilling, on different roads when business gets finished.

Who is she, a someone you know? She may be around, or she may be you?

Well, I am not really a qoute-qoute person, but William Shakespeare had said, “All the world’s a stage” And I think we have taken it too seriously. We have all become such wonderful actors, acting through our lives, that we have lost our own original character. Day in and day out, morning to evening, we keep playing a role. A friend, a lover, a boss, an employee, a husband, a wife, you name it, we can be anything.

Look around, and you will find that the number of people who are real, genuine, authentic is a number that can be counted on your fingers.

Okay, we do need to act; we cannot be true every time. We cannot walk into the boss’s office and punch him in the face and tell him “Dude, you’re a jerk”. NO. We have to put up a nice smile and do what he says, because, yes you know it right, we need the job.

But, C’mon, do we need to fake it with everyone? To a friend, to family, to a lover? If you have to lie to these people, if you cannot be who you are in front of them, then I am sorry but your life is pathetic. These are the people who will accept you for who you are, they will stay through your mood swings, through your tough times, and through the bright days.

Look for such people, who love you for being authentic. Tell them the truth, throw tantrums on them, be rude, do anything you actually feel like doing, and let them know that you trust them. Tell them that you want them to be with you, in your life whatever be the case.

Trust me, having such people who know you on the inside, is such a blessing. You can be who you are with them, you can laugh and cry, dance and do dramas, you can go all weird with them, and they will still love you.

Put up that mask on your face when you need to, and put it off with the people you love. Because no one can love a mask from the heart, no one can love plastic.

P.S: Really, don’t go messing with everyone in the quest of being real, plastic is necessary sometimes. 😉