It’s the eyes… 

It’s the eyes.

It’s the eyes you can read like the books age old,

Like the wisdom of the learned,

Like the ancient scripts and folds.

Its the the eyes that speak a thousand words,

Its the eyes that scream when the souls are cursed,

Its them that smile when the heart slowly melts,

Its the eyes where fury can truly be felt.
Eyes are the ocean of numerous emotions,

They are the depths of the sea of devotion,

They reveal the truths behind the veils,

men of wax and men of Steel.
Its the eyes,

The eyes that you need to explore,

For their emptiness is dangerous,

And their depths are enticing.

Dive in,

Coz only the eyes are worth drowning in.

We’re all at WAR…



A young man has fainted in the corridor. People are rushing to see him.

Some of his colleagues are trying to hold him up and get him seated on a sofa.

Others are simply staring.

A guy from housekeeping comes running towards him with a glass of water.

The ambulance is on the way. People have started murmuring, guessing what might have gone wrong.

Some say he might have weakness, some say low blood pressure, some even think it might be a heart condition.

But what has happened is far more dangerous.

A couple of hours later, the news has spread. The guy had suffered a nervous breakdown.

And people in the office are going crazy about it.

“He is hardly 25, what stress does he have?” his boss mumbles.

“Poor guy . You know, being a guy you have to be mentally strong in today’s world. Otherwise you simply cannot survive.” one teammate says, sipping on his coffee.

“What stress? Simply trying to avoid work” says the lady who had to take up all the work while he is away.

But no one knows his story.

Well, it’s not really a tragic one.

He is just another ambitious guy, coming from a middle-class family.  He has his goals set for the life he wants to live. Starting his own business, getting married to the woman he loves, having children and being able to take care of them all.

But today, none of those goals seem reachable.

His promotion is due from the past whole year, his bank account reaches a dead end at the end of each month, his girlfriend is throwing at him the worst possible tantrums of all times and his parents are in too fragile a health to be able to handle his problems.

I wouldn’t say it is a shattering situation, but yes, it still is disturbing.

He couldn’t sleep yesterday night, his mind full of all the possible nightmarish thoughts. His morning was ruined by the maid handing her vocal resignation to him, and in his way to office he had seen a terrible accident, unsettling his mind further to the limit.

He had started feeling weak in the knees, his vision blur, his mind full of voices and his entire body trembling. He could barely walk up to the office corridor and then he gave up.

Although it doesn’t seem like a huge concern to most of us, my friends, trust me it is.

We need to understand that every man walking on the roads with us, working on the desks besides us, getting on the lifts with us, praying in the temples along us, is fighting a dreadful battle.

And trust me, these battles are all invisible. They are all in our heads.

It is almost like a game of chess that we are constantly playing inside our heads. One side is ourselves, on the other is life.

It might be a financial crisis, an argument with a friend, a discussion with the family, a terrible news that you read in the newspapers, anything and everything negative, it all inflicts a war.

A war inside your head. Inside everybody’s head.

We all are victims of this war.

Some fight the circumstances, while some fight their own fears, their own worries, their own identities, themselves.

So, when we treat the victims of a physical war with care, love and compassion, why not the victims of this war being fought on the inside.

I know I have problems, I know I have stress, I know I am scared, and I should also know that the other is too.

In the course of developing and modernizing, we have become so busy and obsessed with ourselves, that we have forgotten the very word called compassion. A word, a feeling the whole world needs today.

If we could just step into the shoes of other, and walk even a step, we would realize that it’s not only us suffering.  WE ARE NOT ALONE.

The world is full of people who need your compassion, who need you to talk to them, and I am sure you need to be talked to, too.

So why not take some time out and look around, spread some smiles to the people who are not smiling and maybe this little stretch of your lips could make their terrible day a little better.

P.S : Make sure you win the wars you have been fighting, because none of us is a looser, we all have the power to win, and trust me, we will 🙂


Foolish? Or just a little different?


The little girl walks to school every day on the road that nobody takes.

It’s the longest she could take from her home. She reaches late every single day, has to stand outside  the line until the morning assembly gets over, and answer the same old question of her fat lady teacher, “Why are you late today? Can you ever be on time?”

Her classmate lives in the house next to hers, takes the quickest road to school, and is before time always. He makes fun of her, the entire class does, but she doesn’t seem to be bothered.

Sometimes, she is taken to the principal’s office, gets scolded and punished for her indiscipline, but she is still late every day.

But every day, unlike the others, she is very happy when she leaves her home for school, she dances and swings, and takes her daily route to the school.

And every day, she reaches fifteen minutes late, and gets punished. But she still smiles.

Her face is red, she blushes, the scolding seems to have no effect on her.

Teachers say she is a naughty girl, classmates bully her for being so stupid, but she is not bothered.

She continues her to take her long road to the school building.

You know why?

Because the little girl is a romantic.  She loves life.

She takes this road every day, to find her dear friends waiting for her eagerly.

A little farmer boy, a tiny brown pup and an old, rusty tricycle.

Yes, she walks up to them daily and plays with them and dances and runs on the lush green fields that fall on the route to her school. She laughs so hard her stomach hurts, she is the happiest when they are around.

Nothing else bothers her, she is not scared of the punishments, because it’s not important to her.

But the happiness that she finds with her poor little companions is.

You know who that girl is?

She is the same kid you made fun of when she failed her exams. A kid who was bad at math and science, a weakling as you called her.

But did you ever see her paint? Did you see her face when she stroked the brush on the white sheets and her eyes twinkled with joy?

She is the same young girl who bunked her classes in college, who hung out with her friends, who fell for  a complete idiot, the same girl you called as stupid.

You said she doesn’t know who she should love. She doesn’t understand rights and wrong. She doesn’t understand the business.

But did you ever hear her heartbeats when she saw her first love walking right past her? Did you ever see that she still blushes when her past flashes before her eyes?

She is the same woman who had left her job to take care of her kids. The one you thought should be working as a strong independent woman. The one you thought could reach great heights, but was silly enough to give up on her career.

But did you ever see her waving at her kids when they leave for school?  Did you ever see the look on her face when her husband relishes the food that she cooked?

My friend, we all have balances that we carry in our minds.

Balances to measure smartness, to measure success, to measure wisdom.

And anything that doesn’t weigh right, is rejected right away.

Do we ever realize that the balances that we use are not meant for the others?

Do we ever realize that there are people who want different things in life, who feel different emotions, who have different priorities and who are not entitled to live the life that others want them to?

A man who looks like a romantic idiot to you, might actually enjoy being in love? Maybe he likes to fall and rise up again.

A man, who you think is unsuccessful because he doesn’t earn enough, might actually feel suffocated by the four walls of his office.

Do we ever realize that what we think is the right path, which it might actually be, is not a comfortable path for the other?

Do we realize that who we think is foolish, is not really foolish, just a little different?

Just a someone who doesn’t fit on our balance?

No,We don’t.



When Beauty lures you into the dark, how do you save yourself?

She looks at him with her deep black eyes, and he finds himself falling.
She walks elegantly on the dark roads and he blindly follows.
She whispers to him the sweetest words, and sings him an enchanting lullaby.
He sleeps so deep, that his world turns into the darkest of nights.
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A letter to my family…


I am writing this today because it is only today that I can.

It has been 10 months since I have left my home, and I know, that soon these emotions shall fade away.

I am 23.

And for 22 years of my beautiful life, I have lived with my family.

Ma, Papa and a sister. A complete, little perfect family.

Yes, I miss them, very much. Yes, I am a very emotional person.

And it is today that I am worried for the future that we await. Worried that we might never be together again, I might not be able to take care of them, that the time that will come will be harsh on all of us. I know that my life will soon change.  In a matter of few years, I will get married, will have kids, will have a family of my own. And it is what that worries me. That it has all changed, forever.

Never again, will I be able to go back to the days where my mornings began with the soft touch of my mother’s hand on my forehead. Where for a while, she would just sit, look at me sleeping, caress my forehead and then I would wake to see her smiling face.

Never again, I will be sitting next to my father for hours, sipping tea, discussing the world with him.

Never again, would me and my sister fight over the stupidest thing ever, and not talk to each other for days.

It is all gone now, the time had passed. And it breaks my heart. It shatters me.

But I know that this change is inevitable, and I have to accept it, and trust me, I am trying.

But before I accept it all, before this memory fades, before I become too engaged in a life that awaits me, I want to pen something down. I want to write this letter, this little bunch of petty words to my family, just to let them know, that being far from them, is really the hardest thing I ever had to face.

“Here I am, miles away from you, thinking about you all the time. I have a perfect life here, and I have had a wonderful life before, which is your gift to me.

It is now, that every day, when I look at myself, I see your reflections. I see that I am a shadow of yours; I see how you all beat inside of me, all the time.

You really don’t know, that you have been the very bricks on which I have built myself. You have taught me so much, given me so much, that every word that I speak has the essence of your thoughts.

Just today, I remembered an incident, where we were enjoying on a long drive, just the four of us, like always. I was a little girl, really happy, singing songs, and I exclaimed, “Daddy, this is called the enjoyment of life” and you appreciated me, admired me, and there and then taught me how the simplest of things bring the best of happiness.

And I remember how, you would take the day off from work, and I would not go to school, and we would sit together all day, watching anything and everything on T.V.  It would just be a day, but it meant so much, since it taught me that work is important, but not to an extent where family could be compromised.

Every single day for us was a celebration, because we did not need an occasion to be happy. We were enough for each other, enough for our happiness.

And today I can proudly say, that all these learnings have made me a wonderful person. A someone who can be happy with the little things, who knows how important family is, who knows what love truly means, a someone who has so much compassion in the heart, that cruelty is a word unknown to me.

And I just want to let you know, that I miss you. I miss what family meant, I miss being daddy’s little girl, and mommy’s pretty daughter, and my sister’s annoying sibling. I miss myself, I miss who I used to be.

But I know, that time has changed, and it had to change.

Just know, that whatever changes, where ever I be, I will always be your baby. I will always love you, and always make you proud.”

#From the pages of my diary 🙂


A better life it could be…



You wonder who you are,
You wonder who you are meant to be,
And time, like the ruthless devil,
Keeps slipping, flowing all so free.

Your wondering has never mattered,
Neither it ever will,
Just know that every moment,
You loose yourself a little.

Be whoever, but be aware,
Watch every second,
Because time ain’t fair.

The clock will stop ticking,
and you would still be wondering,
Not who you were or who you could be,
But wondering if a better life it could be…


You had promised, but I did not…

Love. Trust. Betrayal. Revenge.
What happens when promises are not fullfilled??
#Repost #November2014 #ShortStory


The sun had gone down, pale light at the horizon fought with the prevailing darkness. Everyone had left, except the two shadows that leaned against the iron railings outlining the place. Sameena looked down, to find herself staring into several hundred feet of darkness. Nikhil stood close to her, waiting for her to speak, to know why he had been called.

Sameena remained silent, her head full of memories of the countless times they had stood here before, hand in hand, warm and content. And also of the countless times she had stood here alone, cold, tears full in her eyes, and her heart.

She thought of the time when they had met, the first day of college. When she was a little, scared girl, who had for the first time stepped out of her home. And he was this rich brat, who had been shipped by his father to…

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