The Two Roads…

I was once visiting a children’s park with a cousin of mine. She played around with her friends while I was sitting on a bench near the swings. Just then, two little boys, who appeared like twins came rushing towards the swings. However, they realized the swing was broken and halted at a distance.

One of them was sure this swing was not to be taken, while the other seemed keen on giving it a try. Despite oppositions from his brother, he climbed on it, saying he will get down if he is about to fall. He took the swing and speeded it, and in a few minutes, he was on the ground with a broken tooth and bleeding elbows.
And in a while his parents had already taken him to the doctor and I and my cousin were back home. But this little incident, in all its simplicity was a lesson in itself.

There are always two types of people in this world, and you can make that out since their childhood. When you tell a child that fire has to be avoided, since it will burn you, the child will either stay away, following your word, or will once go and get burned and then stay away from it for the rest of his life.

This signifies the basic two approaches that we have towards life. Some people sit and watch and learn while others move out, try and fall, and then learn.

There are always astronomers and astrologers.

There is no right way; no debate can be done on these ways of life. But yes, these two will forever remain in a conflict.

And here, I am not talking about adventures sports or circus. I am talking about the little things in life. Decisions and actions that we take, regarding our careers, families and relationships.

Some say that they have seen, they know what can go wrong, so they will not step in.

While others will say, let’s give it a shot, what can possibly go wrong?

There are always two roads to take. One rough, but beautiful and the other smooth, but boring.

Both ways, you miss something and gain something.

As long as you don’t try, you never know what it feels like. The intensity, the rush, the excitement of a risk, is such an experience that makes you live the entire life in a few moments.
But, risk is always a risk. You never know when you jump the cliff that if you are going to fly high, or fall so bad that you cripple yourself for a lifetime.

So see what you choose, see where you belong. If you’re scared of catching a cold, you sit in the window and look at the rain. But if you believe that you can stay in bed for three days and drink cough syrups, just to dance in this rain, to enjoy it, to soak wet and endure a cup of coffee afterwards, you should step out right away.

See what you are missing, and also see what you can lose, and I believe the best way would be having a balance between the both.

Take a step out sometimes, and sometimes hide in your closet.

Dance a little, laugh a little, cry a little, but live full.

Just be a someone who does not regret, who has the courage to accept what he did, what he is doing and whatever he will do.

And don’t let any of these two roads stop you from taking your journey. Travel on both, or travel on one, but never stop. Walk, and keep walking, since life will never wait for you.