We’re all at WAR…



A young man has fainted in the corridor. People are rushing to see him.

Some of his colleagues are trying to hold him up and get him seated on a sofa.

Others are simply staring.

A guy from housekeeping comes running towards him with a glass of water.

The ambulance is on the way. People have started murmuring, guessing what might have gone wrong.

Some say he might have weakness, some say low blood pressure, some even think it might be a heart condition.

But what has happened is far more dangerous.

A couple of hours later, the news has spread. The guy had suffered a nervous breakdown.

And people in the office are going crazy about it.

“He is hardly 25, what stress does he have?” his boss mumbles.

“Poor guy . You know, being a guy you have to be mentally strong in today’s world. Otherwise you simply cannot survive.” one teammate says, sipping on his coffee.

“What stress? Simply trying to avoid work” says the lady who had to take up all the work while he is away.

But no one knows his story.

Well, it’s not really a tragic one.

He is just another ambitious guy, coming from a middle-class family.  He has his goals set for the life he wants to live. Starting his own business, getting married to the woman he loves, having children and being able to take care of them all.

But today, none of those goals seem reachable.

His promotion is due from the past whole year, his bank account reaches a dead end at the end of each month, his girlfriend is throwing at him the worst possible tantrums of all times and his parents are in too fragile a health to be able to handle his problems.

I wouldn’t say it is a shattering situation, but yes, it still is disturbing.

He couldn’t sleep yesterday night, his mind full of all the possible nightmarish thoughts. His morning was ruined by the maid handing her vocal resignation to him, and in his way to office he had seen a terrible accident, unsettling his mind further to the limit.

He had started feeling weak in the knees, his vision blur, his mind full of voices and his entire body trembling. He could barely walk up to the office corridor and then he gave up.

Although it doesn’t seem like a huge concern to most of us, my friends, trust me it is.

We need to understand that every man walking on the roads with us, working on the desks besides us, getting on the lifts with us, praying in the temples along us, is fighting a dreadful battle.

And trust me, these battles are all invisible. They are all in our heads.

It is almost like a game of chess that we are constantly playing inside our heads. One side is ourselves, on the other is life.

It might be a financial crisis, an argument with a friend, a discussion with the family, a terrible news that you read in the newspapers, anything and everything negative, it all inflicts a war.

A war inside your head. Inside everybody’s head.

We all are victims of this war.

Some fight the circumstances, while some fight their own fears, their own worries, their own identities, themselves.

So, when we treat the victims of a physical war with care, love and compassion, why not the victims of this war being fought on the inside.

I know I have problems, I know I have stress, I know I am scared, and I should also know that the other is too.

In the course of developing and modernizing, we have become so busy and obsessed with ourselves, that we have forgotten the very word called compassion. A word, a feeling the whole world needs today.

If we could just step into the shoes of other, and walk even a step, we would realize that it’s not only us suffering.  WE ARE NOT ALONE.

The world is full of people who need your compassion, who need you to talk to them, and I am sure you need to be talked to, too.

So why not take some time out and look around, spread some smiles to the people who are not smiling and maybe this little stretch of your lips could make their terrible day a little better.

P.S : Make sure you win the wars you have been fighting, because none of us is a looser, we all have the power to win, and trust me, we will 🙂