Foolish? Or just a little different?


The little girl walks to school every day on the road that nobody takes.

It’s the longest she could take from her home. She reaches late every single day, has to stand outside  the line until the morning assembly gets over, and answer the same old question of her fat lady teacher, “Why are you late today? Can you ever be on time?”

Her classmate lives in the house next to hers, takes the quickest road to school, and is before time always. He makes fun of her, the entire class does, but she doesn’t seem to be bothered.

Sometimes, she is taken to the principal’s office, gets scolded and punished for her indiscipline, but she is still late every day.

But every day, unlike the others, she is very happy when she leaves her home for school, she dances and swings, and takes her daily route to the school.

And every day, she reaches fifteen minutes late, and gets punished. But she still smiles.

Her face is red, she blushes, the scolding seems to have no effect on her.

Teachers say she is a naughty girl, classmates bully her for being so stupid, but she is not bothered.

She continues her to take her long road to the school building.

You know why?

Because the little girl is a romantic.  She loves life.

She takes this road every day, to find her dear friends waiting for her eagerly.

A little farmer boy, a tiny brown pup and an old, rusty tricycle.

Yes, she walks up to them daily and plays with them and dances and runs on the lush green fields that fall on the route to her school. She laughs so hard her stomach hurts, she is the happiest when they are around.

Nothing else bothers her, she is not scared of the punishments, because it’s not important to her.

But the happiness that she finds with her poor little companions is.

You know who that girl is?

She is the same kid you made fun of when she failed her exams. A kid who was bad at math and science, a weakling as you called her.

But did you ever see her paint? Did you see her face when she stroked the brush on the white sheets and her eyes twinkled with joy?

She is the same young girl who bunked her classes in college, who hung out with her friends, who fell for  a complete idiot, the same girl you called as stupid.

You said she doesn’t know who she should love. She doesn’t understand rights and wrong. She doesn’t understand the business.

But did you ever hear her heartbeats when she saw her first love walking right past her? Did you ever see that she still blushes when her past flashes before her eyes?

She is the same woman who had left her job to take care of her kids. The one you thought should be working as a strong independent woman. The one you thought could reach great heights, but was silly enough to give up on her career.

But did you ever see her waving at her kids when they leave for school?  Did you ever see the look on her face when her husband relishes the food that she cooked?

My friend, we all have balances that we carry in our minds.

Balances to measure smartness, to measure success, to measure wisdom.

And anything that doesn’t weigh right, is rejected right away.

Do we ever realize that the balances that we use are not meant for the others?

Do we ever realize that there are people who want different things in life, who feel different emotions, who have different priorities and who are not entitled to live the life that others want them to?

A man who looks like a romantic idiot to you, might actually enjoy being in love? Maybe he likes to fall and rise up again.

A man, who you think is unsuccessful because he doesn’t earn enough, might actually feel suffocated by the four walls of his office.

Do we ever realize that what we think is the right path, which it might actually be, is not a comfortable path for the other?

Do we realize that who we think is foolish, is not really foolish, just a little different?

Just a someone who doesn’t fit on our balance?

No,We don’t.