You had promised, but I did not…

Love. Trust. Betrayal. Revenge.
What happens when promises are not fullfilled??
#Repost #November2014 #ShortStory


The sun had gone down, pale light at the horizon fought with the prevailing darkness. Everyone had left, except the two shadows that leaned against the iron railings outlining the place. Sameena looked down, to find herself staring into several hundred feet of darkness. Nikhil stood close to her, waiting for her to speak, to know why he had been called.

Sameena remained silent, her head full of memories of the countless times they had stood here before, hand in hand, warm and content. And also of the countless times she had stood here alone, cold, tears full in her eyes, and her heart.

She thought of the time when they had met, the first day of college. When she was a little, scared girl, who had for the first time stepped out of her home. And he was this rich brat, who had been shipped by his father to…

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