So this is what it is… (The feel good poem!!!)


Never again will you see this smile,
Never again will the same sun rise,
Never again the trees will dance this way,
Never again will they swing and sway,
So know, that this is all you have,
That this is all you need,
And life is never ever gonna feel this way again,
So this is what it is….

Never again will you be this young,
Never again will you have the same fun,
Never again will you take this road,
Never again will you be all so bored,

And know,
That what you have today,
Might be all you have at all,
And know,
That these moments don’t last long,
That soon they’ll all be gone,
So this is what it is…

And the clock keeps ticking,
And time keeps flowing, every summer , every fall,
The memories we’re making,
The chances we’re taking,
Won’t matter in the end at all….

So all we need is to dance,
our hearts out to the tune life plays,
and thank every moment, no matter what it brings,
no matter who leaves, who stays,
and just keep singin’ the song,
that this is what it is…



Just that one person…

Moments, one by one, memories, in a chain, coming and leaving her mind, she just sat there still.
It was dark, the air was chilly. She looked up at the skies, a little moon shone from behind the clouds.
Stars were hazy, she felt like laying down and sleep beneath the skies, forever.

It was one of those moments, when everything that happened in your life, good and bad, happy and sad, beautiful and terrible, keeps flashing in your minds, like a whole song of memories in your ears.
And all you can do, is relive all those moments, smile and shed some tears, and know, that it is all gone.
Nothing is coming back, ever.

She knew that too, just that today, she could not help being shaken by these little, painful memories.
All the time that flew out of her hands, all that she lost, friends and family, the chilhood laughter,
the days of freedom, the people she won’t be able to see anymore.

And this sudden feeling overtook her entire self, that she was so alone.
Alone in this place, in this world, so vulnerable, so weak.

Everybody and everything will have to leave her someday, all will be lost.

Just when she was about to give up, just when sadness had almost taken over her, she heard him walking towards her.

He walked upto her, and sat by her side, staring right through her tearful eyes, into a place much deeper than her physical self.
He moved close to her, put his arm around her, and pulled her head onto his shoulder, placing his palm over her ear.
He leaned back on the bench, relaxed his neck, and closed his eyes, breathing deeply.

She breathed with him, and shut her eyes, shutting off all the thoughts that were haunting her.

Suddenly peace took over, a strange security, a promise without words, an understanding beyond them.

You came this world alone, and you will leave all alone, but maybe, you need just that one person, who can stand by you, and hold your hand, making this long, rough journey a little easier. She knew he wouldn’t be there forever, someday he will be gone too, maybe she will have to leave him, but until then, he had promised to be her blanket, in the chilling cold life, to understand what she needs without her saying, to stand by her, and put her before himself.

Maybe you need just that one person, to hold you up, to be your wall, to walk with you, to listen to something that you never say, to speak to you without words. Maybe you need just that one person…