Half, full and empty…


I woke up late this morning, couldn’t have my morning tea, had to iron my clothes because I didn’t do it yesterday, couldn’t call mom, found my favorite watch broken, took 10 minutes to find a cab, had a fight with the driver, and was entering my office an hour later than I should have.

Add 5 more minutes and an embarrassment. I slipped.

Every possible cursing was populating the roads of my mind like the traffic I had found on my way to office.

I was cursing the city, cursing its people, cursing the fact that I was here, my office, my landlord, my  profession, uncles and aunties,  cursing every single person who crossed my mind, or my way.

An hour later in the office, I had cooled down, had a cup of coffee in my hands, life was a little better than this morning, I realized, there was something missing.

After a few seconds of brainstorming, I jumped towards my handbag, violently searching every possible corner of that poor little thing. I had dropped off my bunch of keys. It had the only key to my apartment.

I rushed towards the entrance of my office, to the place where I had slipped this morning. After hunting the place for a while, I found them. Relief.

Just when I was about to turn back, my eyes fell on an old, weak man who sat by the corner of the street. He was a beggar, and could barely see or speak.

Actually, it was not him that caught my mind, (we see a lot of them in India), it was the fact that I didn’t see him this morning. I asked a friend of mine, if he was there this morning, and to my surprise he said, “He is here every day”.

And then there was this sudden realization (like I keep having all the time), that we are so selfishly occupied with ourselves.

We see only what is wrong; we see only what is missing.

We are so occupied with the issues in our lives that we fail to understand that there are people having problems worse than we can imagine.

We have a habit of only looking at the grass on the other side ( which is greener you know), and not on the side which has only deserts.

 Agreed, we should always seek to have better lives, but we should never forget what we already have is so much more than what so many others have.

There are people filthy rich, and there are people terrifyingly poor. They struggle to be alive, to eat “anything” that they can find.

For your greed, everything in life will never be enough, but for your happiness, anything is more than enough.

Let’s for a moment, sit silent and clear our minds, look at everything that we have, appreciate it, thank existence for giving it to us, and smile.

 Smile despite every problem that we have, because so many other souls still don’t even have the resources to even read this, not enough to eat, not enough to live.

Make a note, if there is a glass half full, there is one completely full, and also there is one totally empty.

 P.S: I really need another handbag, damn I wish I had more money 😛