Cheers to aimless living!!!


So this time, I am not going to start with a story.

This time, it is going to be a situation that I faced a few days ago.
So, I am attending this training session at work, and the facilitator
is talking about dreams and goals.
I was listening without resistance, and was almost about to doze off,
when she asked the entire batch a question.
“What are your dreams? What is it that you aim in life?”
The question was to be answered by each one of us and believe me, in
all the time that it took for my turn to come; my mind had clearly
told me it doesn’t want to answer this question.

I somehow managed to mumble some words and got over the situation, but
this incident left a thousand bells ringing inside me.

Like, what the hell.

My life has no aim? I don’t have a dream?

Oh my god, I am so lost.

Its like I kick a football but I don’t know where the goal is.

Or like boarding a train and not knowing where I want to go.

Maybe there is something wrong with me. Maybe I need a doctor.

Maybe I am useless.

With all these thoughts wandering around in my head, I kept staring at
the ceiling of my room.
At the ceiling fan actually, which kept going round and round.
And you won’t believe, that fan, that old, dirty, dusty piece of metal
showed me the light.

The fan, like me had no aim. It kept going round and round, and was
still an object of importance. (High importance to be precise.)

And so I gathered that there was nothing wrong with aimless living. It
simply meant I wasn’t ignoring the things around me to look at
something far away from me.

I like living it here and now, and I like the uncertainty.
The real thing is, we all don’t know what is going to happen. Even if
we aim, we want certain things to happen, we cannot rest assured they
will happen.

“ I may die the very next moment. These maybe my last words.”

This realization is one very important realization.

You don’t know what happens. So why aim and expect?

I don’t say we shouldn’t desire. It is good to desire. Perfectly okay.

But to attach to that desire is something that might harm us. You
never know with life.
So why not live ‘here’, and love ‘here’.

Enjoy this here and now.

Make your aims dynamic.

Like I do, I don’t know what I want in 5 years to come.
But I surely know I need a cup of coffee, my earphones, and my favorite playlist for the coming hour.

So, lets relax in our today and make the most of our present.
Aims and goals can wait.

So cheers to this beautiful life and cheers to aimless living!!!

P.S: If you have any suggestions on what i could do in 5 years, please let me know 😛