What more gifts do you want from life?
When the morning sun wakes you with a smile,
When the evenings reveal the mysterious moon,
And when the starry nights sing you lullabies?

Q. Do you wake up to find that this is another boring day of your life? Do you find yourself frowning in the mirror when you brush your teeth? Do you feel like hitting anyone who wishes you a good morning?

Congratulations!! You have just been admitted to the “Frowning people’s society” which now has more than a million members.

So my dear society members, my question is, WHY? Why are you so discontent with everything around you? Why can’t you welcome every new day with the feeling that at least you are given another day in this very short life?

It is shocking to see that people, living in the most comfortable of environments, have a very useless habit of frowning and complaining. There is discontent everywhere, nobody is satisfied, be it with their work, education, relationships, family, living conditions, society, system, anything and everything!!!

Everybody has complaints, and people have started living a life of complaints. Endless desires keep whirling around in people’s minds, and desires of what? Of bringing better results? Of making more money? Of an ideal lover? Of buying a new stupid cell phone!!!???

The man today has failed to realize that there is more to life than these petty wishes and that life simply does not care about our needs and plans, it takes its own course.

Life can be understood as a river, it simple goes on flowing.
If you are a tiny little pebble, you shall flow along, but if you become a hard rock, trying to fight the flow of water, it will take other way around; it won’t stop because of you. Moreover, no matter how strong your plans for the future are, you can never rest assured of even if you will be alive the next moment or not.

And when you can’t change the very next moment, why so worried about the future? “Why so serious? “Instead of grumbling about every wish that didn’t come true, stop desiring for this and that and start accepting everything that comes your way. Good or bad, hard or easy, joy or sorrow, everything is a phase, and everything passes, so don’t stick to anything, let it go.
Stop fighting life, give up, relax, take a deep breath, dance and sing a little, celebrate life and then one thing is for sure, you can tackle life’s problems in a far more efficient way.

And always remember, you can change nothing by complaining, neither by smiling.
So why make this face that nobody wants to look at? Smile, not for anyone else, but for yourself. All that has to happen, will keep happening, just let yourself go with it.

Seriousness is sickness. It is a disorder. Drop it, get rid of this disease. Laugh, sing and dance, make a fool of yourself, but please, get well soon!!!

Happy No-Guilt New Year!!!

First and foremost, a very happy new year to you guys!! Have a blissful and terrific year ahead!!! 🙂

So, everybody is wishing everybody a happy new year, some people have still not recovered from the hangover their new year party gave them, while some are even back to work.

For some people New Year is a time to party, drink, dance and enjoy, while some like to keep it sober and quiet. But there is something common to almost all people who celebrate the onset of the New Year.


Yes, resolutions. Something that we promise to ourselves in the beginning of a new year. This could be just about anything, like “I will work out this year and get fit, I will work more, study harder, pray regularly, be more loving and kind, climb the mount Everest, swim the Atlantic sea? (no, not the last two!!)”.

But resolutions are really an essential part of New Year. And I, personally, think resolutions are really silly things to do. Not because they are difficult to fulfill or stupid in intention, but because we don’t really need resolutions.

I believe, if a person really wants to change, he can do so in the moment. The moment you really feel you need to do something, you do it. You do not need New Year’s Eve for that.

New Year, if seen with the practical eye, is nothing but a change of dates. Wishing a happy new year is almost like wishing congratulations, you can do the ‘4’ a ‘5’ now. But since, we have so many events and changes around this simple change of dates, we have made it a reason to celebrate.

And I think that is a good idea. New Year should be celebrated; any reason to be happy and to dance should never be avoided. (Yes, i love dancing!!!)

But the problem is, every new year, we look back, and realize that there were so many promises we didn’t keep, to others and to ourselves. And then we think, this coming year, I am going to make up for it. And then we don’t. And the same story keeps repeating itself.

Man is meant to stay in the moment. Today, I make a promise because I feel like it. Tomorrow, maybe I won’t. I am not meant to be in a constant phase. This does not mean I should not think about the future, but I should also not make my future a huge rock on the top of my head.

Every New Year, we have regrets of things we didn’t do, guilt of promises we didn’t keep, and then resolutions that we won’t be doing any good to.

So why do this to ourselves?

Try this, dump your resolutions this year, and simply plan a bright and happy future. And let go off the past year like it never existed. Now, you can actually have a good start for your new year.

Go on, forgive the past, forget about the future, and have guilt-free New Year!!!!