No one loves plastic…

“So many souls in the world, a face for every soul.
So many faces in the world, a mask for every face.
So many masks in the world, the real soul, lost somewhere”.

The pretty girl in blue walks down the street, like she owns this world. She knows people are watching her, their eyes scanning her from head to toe. But she’s not uncomfortable, she likes the attention. Her big brown eyes roll from left to right and yet again, her lips stretch into a tiny arrogant smile.
In the restaurant, she sits opposite her so called partner, the present one in fact, all her mind away from their conversation. Every other minute she glances at the others, to see who’s watching, to see who’s worth watching. Women, envying her, men exploring. Her hand still holding the hand of the someone, all her attention into searching the next Mr. someone. She still smiles at him, a smile carved into pure plastic, and a plastic smiles back.
Back home, she becomes the ideal little girl. Helping mommy in the kitchen, talking to her dad like his innocent daughter, who knows nothing about the world. To her siblings she is a good old sister, a friend and a guide. With her friends she is a different woman, not really a friend in need, but a slightly different breed. Together, together until it’s fulfilling, on different roads when business gets finished.

Who is she, a someone you know? She may be around, or she may be you?

Well, I am not really a qoute-qoute person, but William Shakespeare had said, “All the world’s a stage” And I think we have taken it too seriously. We have all become such wonderful actors, acting through our lives, that we have lost our own original character. Day in and day out, morning to evening, we keep playing a role. A friend, a lover, a boss, an employee, a husband, a wife, you name it, we can be anything.

Look around, and you will find that the number of people who are real, genuine, authentic is a number that can be counted on your fingers.

Okay, we do need to act; we cannot be true every time. We cannot walk into the boss’s office and punch him in the face and tell him “Dude, you’re a jerk”. NO. We have to put up a nice smile and do what he says, because, yes you know it right, we need the job.

But, C’mon, do we need to fake it with everyone? To a friend, to family, to a lover? If you have to lie to these people, if you cannot be who you are in front of them, then I am sorry but your life is pathetic. These are the people who will accept you for who you are, they will stay through your mood swings, through your tough times, and through the bright days.

Look for such people, who love you for being authentic. Tell them the truth, throw tantrums on them, be rude, do anything you actually feel like doing, and let them know that you trust them. Tell them that you want them to be with you, in your life whatever be the case.

Trust me, having such people who know you on the inside, is such a blessing. You can be who you are with them, you can laugh and cry, dance and do dramas, you can go all weird with them, and they will still love you.

Put up that mask on your face when you need to, and put it off with the people you love. Because no one can love a mask from the heart, no one can love plastic.

P.S: Really, don’t go messing with everyone in the quest of being real, plastic is necessary sometimes. 😉