Mine is colored, how is yours?

It’s a little childhood memory. I was terrible at drawing, I still am. But even then, being a really brave kid, I always tried it. So I remember this one masterpiece of mine, which no one ever understood (not even me, so its ultimate destiny were some tiny little pieces of paper in the dustbin). So, I sat down with my box of crayons, indulged into it one fine day. I had nothing in mind; I just kept humming a song and kept coloring the sheet. When every corner of it was full of color, what you could vaguely make out was that the sheet had two distinct parts. One had day, other, night. One had a round yellow sun, with those rays sticking on it like matchsticks on a rubber ball. Other had the white, soothing moon. On the night side, there were some trees, some bushes, some flowers, red, yellow, pink. Also, a narrow stream of blue water flowed nearby the bushes. On the sunny side, I tried making a desert, with cactus’s and sands.

Note: Objects in the picture were strictly visible to me; others could make nothing out of the mess.

So, just today, this picture came on like a movie flashback into my mind, and it somehow dawned upon me, that it had deeper meanings than being just a mess. As a child, I could see, we all could see that this world was not of a single tone. We saw the days, followed by nights, and again by days. We saw the deserts, we saw the forests. There were all kinds of innocent animals, and there were all kinds of wicked ones. There were good uncles and aunties, and there were ones who wouldn’t let us play in front of their houses. It was a simple observation of a kid. Then why we, as adults, terribly failed to accept the same with our lives?

We love the flowing streams of water, the trees so green, but we can’t accept the deserts? It is all there, days and nights, in you, and in life. Accept it or not, you have to live with both. But we choose. We choose happiness, we deny sadness. It is bound to come, happiness exists because sadness exists, and vice verse. We choose the good, we deny the evil. They are there, both, in the world, in us.

I quote this little excerpt from a book I have been reading,
“The life of someone who chooses will be all gray, flat and simple, because he has cleaned and polished a corner of his life.”

We have chosen to be men of character. We chose to be good men; we chose a set of protocols to follow. But, the bad still exists. We chose we needed to be happy, we chose it has to be the way of life. But it cannot, because sorrow continues to exist.

Stop choosing, become choice-less. It is not in your hands. Let life be, all blue black yellow and red. You can’t make it gray. Let the angel be, let the devil be. Let the lovers be, let the haters be. Let yourself laugh, let you cry. Accept life as it is, accept yourself as you are, not gray, not black, not white. All so colored.

So I have decided to open my eyes and see to life, unbiased, choice less. And when I do, I see mine is colored, how is yours?



For the sake of DOG!!!!


She keeps checking the clock every other minute, and keeps glancing at the boss’s cabin. A short, thin man walks up to her table and hands her a piece of paper. He says” Boss wants you to do this and mail it to him in an hour.” With a terribly worried expression, she says, “It is getting late; he must be waiting for me. Please tell the boss that I left as I wasn’t feeling well or something, just make something up, please.” Saying this, she quickly grabs her handbag and rushes to the parking. Speeding on her girly scooter, she thinks “I am so late today; he would not eat without me”. Rushing to the lift, she finally reaches to her door, the doorbell is answered by her maid, and she stretches both her arms out, and smiles at someone coming at her.

Question: Who was waiting for her, and is now running towards her like a full emotional slow motion movie scene?
A. Boyfriend (also known as baby, shona) B. Hubby (also known as bekar, kamina) C. Child D. some other prani

And the right answer is- D. Some other prani called A Dog!!!! (Did you expect a Shahrukh Khan running at her like tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam? If you did, you are too damn filmy).

Okay, I know this was way too much, but seriously, if it was her husband, he would have been watching T.V when she comes back from work. So, all I am trying to say is that a dog, and only a dog can wait for you like this, only a dog can love you like you are the only person on this earth, and only he won’t leave you if you don’t have a job, bangla, gaadi, paisa or Iphone for that matter. He will be a friend, better than maximum of your existing ones and he will be your family member too (yes, better than some of the existing ones, at least he won’t ask “aur beta result kya raha”).

I have practically grown up with a dog. He somehow knew when I was about to come from school and he would wait for me eagerly, he wanted a share from everything I ate, he played around with me like other kids used to, if I was scolded, he would come and put that tiny head of his in my lap, and if he was scolded, he would hide behind me, as if I was to save him from all possible dangers on earth. Sometimes my family couldn’t notice, but he always knew if I was upset, and that day he would shower me with all the loving and cuddling he could do.

I have even heard about some therapy dogs in America (probably Labradors) that are kept with people in depression and suicidal tendencies and they have proven to be better than psychologists in helping these people out. They are also trained to call the 911 in case they fear an emergency. Dogs are the most human friendly creatures in the world. They can be your security guards, your companions, your friends, your kid’s friends, your therapists, just about anything you need.

A dog, be it of any breed, is a very loyal, loving, and adorable animal. From the little ones that you can carry around in your purses, to the ones that almost reach your height if on two feet ( unless you are some Khali), dogs are those creatures that will need your love and care all the time. They will make you feel needed, your existence matters to them. Believe it or not, they have feelings, and they can sense your mood all so well. Your pet dog will be happy if you are, and has the capability to cheer you up if you are not.

I have seen people being so insensitive to these wonderful creatures, treating them as mere objects of show off, or like a security alarm, sometimes abandoning them for all the stupid reasons. If you just give them the proper love with proper care and training, there is no way he cannot be of service to you. What do you get, abusing these helpless little animals that cannot fight you back at all? They are your friends, love them, and they will love you back, probably more than your fake partner. Even for those stray dogs, you could do at least those petty things, like providing them with water to drink or your spare food, or some shelter if you could. Even they will be seen wagging their tails wandering all around you in a few days.

Compassion is the greatest virtue we humans can possess. And all these dogs will need is this. Next time you think of having a pet, have a dog, and see your life changing. You will be happier, more capable of loving and overall a much better human. (And your clothes will have so many hairs on them, if it’s a hairy one). And even if you’re not, just do the small things you are capable of for these little puppies and doggies on the street, who keep looking at your doors and balconies like if you don’t give them something, they will die, and keep dying under the wheels of your cars.( Now that’s called the Senti- element).

A note to the women: Don’t say men are dogs. Dogs are much much, I mean much much much better than them.
And, don’t go “AWWWW” at every puppy you see. (Please, it’s too damn irritating).

P.S.: Awwwwh look at that sweet baby…..he so kuchi kuchi baaabuuu ( What?? I’m a girl, too ;))


Don’t ask her how she feels…

A broken leg, a bandaged arm,
a stitched forehead, a lifetime’s harm.

One familiar face, with eyes of tears,
asks her how she feels, she hesitates, she fears.

The last she remembers, the road to home,
on which she walked, swiftly and alone.

It wasn’t so late, the everyday time,
her body all covered, just a ring’s shine.

Then came the damned place, an abandoned park,
a pull, a fist, a blow so stark.

On the ground brutally was she thrown,
hands and hands, stripped her of everything she owned.

Pain and pain she remembers four heads,
faces of Satans, faces of dread.

Her body in pain, her soul on fire,
her memory so naked, so drained of desires.

Don’t ask of what is left of her, of wounds that never heal,
don’t ask her how she feels, don’t ask her how she feels.


Coz baby i’m addicted!!! Well, Damn it.

Facebook addicted
I have a confession to make. And since I was too lazy to go to the church, I decided to post it here.(Lie. I wanted to see how many likes it gets). So, the confession is that, I’m addicted. Not to alcohol, not to nicotine(or tambakku, marijuana, Rajnigandha etc etc) and not even to some crazy heavy dude on even heavier bike or Yuvraj Singh, Ranbir Kapoor or Taylor Lautner ( I love them, though). It is about, well, Facebook (you too?).

So this website (yes, a mere website) which was supposed to be my help-me-socialize platform has become my full time occupation. I’m with it day and night (actually only when I get a Wi-Fi) and slowly slowly this thing has crept so deep inside my head that everything that I do has to be mentioned on Facebook somehow.

My very morning starts with it; tea with newspaper is now tea with Facebook mobile application. Despite that constant useless feeling (you know the one where you don’t know why you are doing something and you still keep doing it?), I keep checking my profile throughout the aft and eve (Wi-Fi conditions apply), and night of course, is the peak time when all chatter-boxes and insomniacs gather to relax after the busy day (Mine’s not so busy). I do not in fact have any business or important news waiting for me to look at it on Facebook, it has just become a futile habit to keep checking the news feed all the bludy time.

We can say that it is not such a big issue, we can always shed-off a habit (trust me I have tried. Deleting the Facebook app, deleting my Opera mini, turning the Wi-Fi off, and then, I started using chrome browser). Actually the problem is not only this. I have seen that gradually, Facebook has become an obsession. Not only me, I have seen many people who do anything and everything just for the sake of posting it on Facebook. Selfies and photos, of places you had visited, of food that you cooked, of mamma, papa, didi, bhaiya, cheeku, dolly, bittu, and don’t forget sheru (the pet dog). And ever since Facebook has provided the “post what you’re doing” feature, it has all become sheer stupidity. They are eating, they post it. They are playing, they post it. They are feeling happy, sad, tired, angry, hopeless, useless, jobless, partner-less, shameless, they post it. They are listening to something or watching something, they post it. At the movies, at the playground, at the hotel, at the bathroom, they post it. I mean hello?? Who is interested? (I’m being a bitch, I do it too. All the time). And then, I see a hundred likes on “Pinku is eating aloo poori at uncle ka dhaba” with a photo of Pinku in pink jeans and pink top and pink butterfly hair band with a lassi glass in her hand. It breaks my heart (actually I feel like puking ).

We have forgotten how to enjoy things just for the sake of doing them. For once, if we could go for outings and movies, to enjoy with friends or family and not for updating statuses, or having fun with friends and not wasting time in snapping pictures. Cooking, eating, listening to music, watching T.V. or simply chilling with your pets and loved ones and not having this urge to tell this to the world. It is perfectly okay to share your life with the world, to tell everyone, but it is absolutely not okay to do things only because you want to show them off.

Facebook is a wonderful place, to share, to meet people, to talk, to pass your time, and also to stay updated. But ultimately, it is only a social networking website. It is NOT larger than life, not even anywhere near life. We have to remember that, and turn our full time obsession into a free-time activity. Okay now, I gotta post this to Facebook (no I’m not kidding).

P.S.: Feeling wonderful 😉